That’s what she said; and she means it!

Stay Hard

Stay Hard lube

  • Maintains rock hard erections
  • Increases sexual stamina
  • Prevent premature ejaculation
  • Active ingredient: 3% Benzocaine USP

Hey, what’s the hurry big guy? It took a lot to get here so why rush your way to the morning after. Take your time with
Stay Hard lubricant. Apply a small amount to coat the head and shaft of your penis five minutes before intimate activity. Then prepare yourself for a granite-hard erection that lasts and lasts.

Is she begging for mercy yet? Waving the white flag of surrender? Ok, now its time. Until then, you’re in complete control. Never again will you hear the word that has sent so many men into abject depression. A quizzical look and then, “Already?” How do you recover from
that? Put it behind you and get Stay Hard. Right now, you jackwagon!

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